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San Antonio Silver Stars give Julie Wojta a second chance at the WNBA

As first reported by, Swish Appeal has also learned that the San Antonio Silver Stars have signed Yvonne Turner and Julie Wojta as well as re-signing Ziomara Morrison although it has not been reported by the team. Wojta was originally drafted by the Minnesota Lynx in the second round of the 2012 WNBA draft.

Wisconsin - Green Bay product Julie Wojta will be taking her talents to San Antonio this season.
Wisconsin - Green Bay product Julie Wojta will be taking her talents to San Antonio this season.
Photo by USA Today Sports.

A little less than a month after the Minnesota Lynx drafted Julie Wojta out of Wisconsin - Green Bay last year, I wrote, "As Lynx coach Cheryl Reeve said, she's the type of competitor that would run through a wall for her team if necessary and, as Petersen notes, has the versatile skill set to actually make something positive out of that mentality wherever the team needs."

Yet Wojta never really had a chance with the Lynx - nobody beyond lottery pick Devereaux Peters did, really. With a roster already full with talent, it was all but certain that Wojta and the majority of Minnesota's draft picks were going to be cut despite the fact that she made enough of an impression to re-join the team mid-season when the team was suffering through injuries.

Nevertheless, Minnesota was a good fit on paper - the skilled 6-foot forward was the type of player that seemed to be a perfect fit with a high-synergy team that already had plenty of scorers like the Lynx. And if you accept that, the Silver Stars - who have signed her this season to confirm a previous report by - are the next best fit, if not better.

None of that is to say that Wojta is destined to be a star in the pros, but she probably does have what it takes to contribute to a team that relies heavily on ball movement and cuts to the basket rather than stagnant play centered around one star. Even though Hammon figures to be a larger centerpiece for the team this season than normal with the absence of Sophia Young, the way they play is perfectly suited for a high IQ player who is willing and able to do a little bit of everything a team might need.

Of course, it's reasonable to suggest that I'm overrating Wojta, who I described as a draft stats superstar prior to the 2012 draft - sometimes you'll get all excited about a WNBA draft prospect's statistics only to find that they're a statistical illusion whose pro potential isn't supported by what you see on film. But with Wojta, that's not quite the case - even as a mid-major prospect whose statistics are probably at least partially inflated by the strength of schedule she played against, there's a good chance that she'll eventually be able to find her way into the league.

For more about Wojta's versatility and (loose) comparisons to other WNBA players, check out last year's profile. For more on the Silver Stars' offseason, check out our storystream.