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Layshia Clarendon making a name for herself with an effective mid-range game

Highlights from the California Golden Bears' 72-64 win over the USC Trojans on Sunday (via Pac-12 Networks)

California Golden Bears guard Layshia Clarendon hasn't gotten a whole lot of national attention this year, but she has been a very reliable scorer for the nation's sixth-ranked team and, by extension, has a statistical profile that is worthy of WNBA draft consideration.

We'll get to Clarendon's statistics later on, but the thing that stands out about her is that she's become among the most adept players in the country at finding gaps in the defense for catch-and-shoot, pull-up, and spot up jumpers as well as having the ability to get her shot off the dribble. She doesn't waste a lot of motion or play around with a lot of dribbles. She just gets to spots, gets her feet set, and knocks down shots when the Bears need it.

Her game against USC was a great example of what she can do: as described during the highlights, Clarendon had an efficient 22 points on 9-for-17 shooting and showed off her full repertoire as a scorer. Making the leap to the WNBA is tough, but she compares favorably to other similar prospects (perimeter scorers) statistically.

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