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Billy Hunter Terminated as NBPA Executive Director

Today at a players-only meeting in Houston, the National Basketball Players Association's player representatives terminated the employment of Billy Hunter who was the union's executive director since 1996.

Patrick McDermott

It should also be noted that he was also the Executive Director of the Women's National Basketball Players Association (WNBPA) which is the WNBA players' union and he was instrumental in the founding of the union when the WNBA was formed. However Pamela Wheeler is the union's Director of Operations and handles most of the union's negotiations, so it is questionable as to how much of an impact Hunter's ouster will have on the WNBA players union, if any at all.

Hunter was fired after he was accused of nepotism regarding the hirings of family members for positions within the NBPA and financial mismanagement.

To read more on Hunter's termination and his ongoing legal battle with the NBPA, read SB Nation NBA's StoryStream.