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Kentucky, Baylor in record-setting game: 133-130 in 4 OT

On a cold night in Arlington, Texas, the Kentucky Wildcats and Baylor Lady Bears made believers of even casual basketball fans with a record-setting four overtime game.

Andy Lyons

It took one hour of basketball on the court, three halves worth.  It took four hours to play in real time.  It was the highest scoring game in Division I women's basketball history. 

The #5 ranked Kentucky Wildcats beat the #9 ranked Baylor Lady Bears by a score of 133-130 last night.  This wasn't the only four-overtime game in women's history - on January 25th, 1997 Southern Methodist beat Texas Christan 127-125 in a 4 OT game - but this one involved two Top 10 teams.  It goes almost without saying that both teams broke their all-time scoring records.

Baylor senior guard Odyssey Sims scored 47 points - a career high - before fouling out.  All in all, seven Lady Bear players fouled out, leaving Baylor head coach Kim Mulkey with only five players at the end and forcing her to play sophomore Alexis Prince, who had had surgery in the off-season due to foot injuries. 

Kentucky junior guard Jennifer O'Neill scored 43 points, a career high for her and breaking the single-game school scoring record of 42 points scored by Valerie Still against Charleston on December 19, 1982.  Sims's 47-point game did not break her school's record, as Brittney Griner scored 50 points in a game against Kansas State last season. 

Oddly enough, inclement weather pretty much shut down the city of Arlington, Texas and the game was one of the few things going on in the city that hasn't been canceled due to weather.  It almost didn't happen.  But anyone who caught the game on ESPN3 or elsewhere has bragging rights - they saw one of the most amazing games in history.

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