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Women's basketball links: Antonita Slaughter awaiting diagnosis, Penn State's loss to Notre Dame, Beyond the Box for iPhone

10 links from around the women's basketball world, beginning with an update on Antonita Slaughter.

Louisville senior Antonita Slaughter is doing well, but still searching for answers after collapsing on the court on Tuesday.
Louisville senior Antonita Slaughter is doing well, but still searching for answers after collapsing on the court on Tuesday.
Jamie Rhodes-USA TODAY Sports

As James noted yesterday in his daily Games I Wish I'd Seen column, there has been a bit of a lull in college basketball recently while teams inch toward conference play.

But there has been no shortage of women's basketball news nonetheless, whether it be game action or legal action.

We start with an update on Antonita Slaughter.

  • Steve Jones of the Courier Journal reported yesterday afternoon that Louisville plans to hold a news conference after senior Antonita Slaughter completes testing to determine why she collapsed during Tuesday's game against Missouri State. Slaughter is doing well despite everyone still being in the dark about the cause of the incident. Read more >>>
  • Vicky Jacobsen of The Observer recapped Penn State's loss to Notre Dame last night and made two significant observations: first, Kayla McBride contributed to holding PSU star Maggie Lucas to just seven points on 1-for-8 shooting. Second, Natalie Achonwa recorded 21 points and 10 rebounds despite being at 90 percent strength. Interestingly, commentator Stephanie White commented as the second half began that PSU would give Lucas more opportunities to create on her own and that's exactly what happened - the problem was that she still just couldn't figure out how to crack Notre Dame's defense. Read more >>>
  • Mike Brown of the Tulsa World reports that the Tulsa Shock feel they're "not that far away" from from hiring a coach to replace Gary Kloppenburg, whose contract they chose not to renew. President Steve Swetoha and managing partner Sam Combs will attend the draft lottery for them next week. Read more >>>
  • Michelle Smith of espnW wrote up the Impact 10 entry for Candace Parker, noting that she's not done striving to get better after winning MVP in 2013. ""When the same thing keeps happening over and over again, you have to look in the mirror and figure out what's going on," Parker recently told" Read more >>>
  • The Daily Tar Heel has published a pair of letters about the hiring practices for North Carolina's Title IX office, highlighting an important function that gets obscured when people frame Title IX as solely an athletic accomplishment: that office is also responsible for handling sexual assaults. Having female representation may be, "...a move to reduce the difficulty in reporting for both male and female survivors, creating an inclusive, safe space that provides both female-identified and male-identified staff members for survivors to speak to." Read more >>>
  • Cori Schumacher wrote a detailed blog about controversy over whether sex sells in women's surfing that included a passage that is relevant to marketing and participation in any women's sport: "Sport is the strong-hold of an out-moded, limited masculine identity. Structuring sport in such a way that trivializes and diminishes women's achievement is done specifically in order to ground traditional masculine stereotypes. This is why I believe that sport is such an important location for feminist action, not only for the good of females but also for males who may fall outside of these limited and limiting masculine stereotypes." Read more >>>

Feel free to leave your insights about any of the themes above in the comments below. If you have another link to share with the community, feel free to create a fanshot. If you have a longer commentary to make, a fanpost detailing your thoughts are always welcome.