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A roll call of our most recently commented posts (December 6 to December 14)

There's a cool tool for SBN sites to use to track comment activity, known as a roll call. So let's put it to use.

I was just looking for a random pic but this one caught my eye.  OUCH!!!!!!!
I was just looking for a random pic but this one caught my eye. OUCH!!!!!!!
Mike DiNovo-USA TODAY Sports

I know I've been pushing FanPosts and FanShots. However, comments are an important part of all SBN sites. And the folks upstairs have a one-stop-shop tool for us to track the number of comments, who's commenting, and which guys are getting the most rec's.

Since December 6, here are the five posts I have chosen for the roll call which are below:

Roll Call by Quantity of Comments

# Commenter # Comments
1 thewiz06 53
2 Shades- 30
3 ttdomi 15
4 Nate Parham 14
5 Forever_OptiMystic 10
6 theLaplaceDemon 8
7 Shannon Cotterell 6
8 Queenie 5
9 Jet Jaguar 5
10 blackandgoldforever 3
11 The GIF Oracle 3
12 OVJ 2
13 Swish Appeal Admin 1
14 Amy22 1
15 BearBint 1
16 KSL415 1

Wow, that thewiz06 guy dominated the competition. Well, if you don't know already, that's my SB Nation username. I guess I don't mind "winning" this race, but I actually would like to see non-contributors dominate this space on a regular basis.

But we do want you to comment more! It's a lot more fun than talking to a blank space.

The Most Rec'ed Comments!

We had two comments tied with five rec's, both on the post announcing Tayler Hill's pregnancy.

First comment was a congratulations by Big Brother:


Man, Swish Appeal Admin has bang for His buck whenever He comments! (Note to self: Quantity does NOT equal Quality).

Second, theLaplaceDemon also earned five rec's also for giving congratulations, and that basketball consequences for the Washington Mystics can be discussed later.


Once again, great point, and congratulations!

I've also noticed that some of you have commented regularly, but have given very few, if any rec's. I kindly ask that you all share the love! It also may even help others give you more rec's!

Concluding Thoughts

So, we're going to experiment a bit more with the Roll Calls after game threads, and/or other posts where there's a good amount of traffic.

I know there's a long offseason which is when the NBA is on, or when college basketball is going on, and a good number of college sites on our network are actually pretty good about covering their women's teams. But that doesn't mean that we're going to just sit on our laurels and just wait until next May, as we'll keep you covered on major offseason news as it occurs, as well as our takes on 2014 Draft Prospects as they make their final impressions on teams.

Remember that SB Nation isn't simply a news site. Otherwise none of the writers here would comment at all. SB Nation also isn't simply a message board where almost anyone could bump a post to the top. We kind of blend a little bit of both. That's why we encourage you to write FanPosts and submit FanShots. You are just as much of a contributor to the site as anyone who writes on the front page!

We're glad to see that more people comment today than at this time last year, but we still would love to see increased quantity of comments. It provides a more interactive atmosphere amongst everyone here, and when there's more commenting and activity, that helps bring even more people to the site as well.

So happy commenting everyone, and remember to share the love with your rec's! I love seeing a sea of green!