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New Phoenix Mercury GM is Phoenix Suns exec

The Phoenix Mercury have a new general manager and a new president of business operations today, both of which are Phoenix Suns executives.

According to the Phoenix Mercury website, the Mercury have finally decided who their new general manager will be.  It looks like the NBA Phoenix Suns - both the Suns and the Mercury are owned by Robert Sarver - will be adding some of their staff to the Mercury front office.

The new president of business operations will be Jason Rowley, the current president of the Suns.  The new general manager will be Jim Pitman, the current Suns executive vice president.  Pitman directed the Merc's last two coaching searches and has a lot of experience in NBA contract negotiation, so his role with the Mercury should offer few surprises.

Phoenix also announced that assistant coaches Julie Haigrove and Anthony Boone will be returning for 2014, as assistants under new head coach Sandy Brondello.