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Games I wish I'd seen on 12 December 2013

There was only one game I wish I'd seen last night, and 11,000+ got to see it in person.


Women's basketball is a vast wasteland for both Thursday night and tonight.  Last night, there were only 10 Division I games played.  Tonight, that number will drop to just eight games - and unlike last night, none of those games involve any Top 25 teams.

There were two games involving Top 25 teams last night.A Sea of Blue covers the Kentucky-DePaul game, making my choice for the game I'd wish I'd seen a slam dunk.

#17 Iowa State (9-0) beat #21 Iowa (10-2) at home by a score of 83-70 in the Iowa Corn Cy-Hawk Series played between these two teams.  This is a big game, with 11,543 fans showing up to see it.  What killed the Hawkeyes were 30 personal fouls, sending the Cyclones to the line for 49 shots (!) where they hit 76 percent, scoring 37 points at the free throw line (!!), almost half the points that Iowa State scored at all.

Iowa State weren't slouches on the boards either, grabbing 16 offensive rebounds to just six for Iowa.  This made up for the Cyclones dismal 32 percent free throw shooting.  Thirteen of Iowa State's sixteen final points would come from free throws.