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A Hypothetical: How would you feel about Kara Lawson playing for the Washington Mystics in 2014?

Let some hypothetical talk begin!


So here's an opinion piece by Mike DiMauro of the Day based in New London, Connecticut.  And here's a couple sentences that could give a Mystics fan some cause to pause, in particular if it is a fact that Lawson won't play for the Sun next year:

There's work to be done. Kara Lawson isn't coming back. That means they better find someone who can make a shot beyond 10 feet.

Lawson is an ESPN college basketball analyst, and playing in Connecticut is convenient for her, and even better when the franchise was winning with Mike Thibault.  But she's also from the Washington, DC area where her former head coach is now.  And her father was ill this past summer, and she did take time off to be with him.  So some may think that it makes sense for her to go to the Mystics.

Shades put out a comment on our WNBA Draft Lottery results post wondering what my take on the Mystics acquiring Lawson in exchange for the #6 pick in the 2014 Draft would be.

Here's my response to that comment:

That's a good framework IF there is more youth coming DC's way.

If Connecticut gives Lawson, Kelly Faris or Kelsey Griffin perhaps and #13 to DC for Matee Ajavon, Monique Currie, and #6, then I will sign off on the deal.

I get that Lawson is an OGS player, and she is a good stopgap for Tayler Hill, the second year player who "can never do any wrong." But Lawson is an Olympian, and knows basketball better than anyone else on the Mystics’ roster. Also her trade makes Ivory Latta expendable, when you think about it.

But in and of itself if the Mystics give up a first round pick for a player who is only going to decline, that will make me go nuclear, which is what you may be assuming my reaction would be. :P

I don't really have much more to add to what I said.  But I will reiterate that the Mystics are rebuilding, even if they made the playoffs last year.  That means that first round draft picks are something that can't just simply be traded for veterans, in particular those who are on the wrong side of 30.  That said, the Mystics don't have a player with the kind of experience and accolades like someone who played a significant role on both a WNBA championship team and an Olympic gold medal winning team which Lawson has.  So I do like what she brings to the table to be honest, but only if the Mystics can deal one or more of their current veteran players in the process.

If this trade idea ever becomes a realistic possibility after a CBA is signed and Mike Thibault wants to acquire Lawson, he better get some young prospects and draft picks in the deal, or I don't think it's worth it in the form of just #6 for Lawson.

Since there isn't a true young foundation in DC right now, especially now with Tayler Hill's pregnancy, that has to be the most important thing for the franchise, NOT simply trying to match or even slightly exceed last year's win total with a veteran squad that got that record due to being healthy in an otherwise injury-hit league in 2013.  And we didn't even talk about what impact Hill's pregnancy has on the team in detail just yet but this certainly is part of it.