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Women's basketball links: Chelsea Gray's return, Shoni Schimmel on the Washington pro football team's name

As the NCAA women's basketball season begins, we take a look around the country at some of the many analyses floating around the web.

Duke's Chelsea Gray, one of the top point guards in the country, looks to recover from injury to fulfill lofty expectations for Duke.
Duke's Chelsea Gray, one of the top point guards in the country, looks to recover from injury to fulfill lofty expectations for Duke.

There are a ton of links floating around the web over the last few days in advance of the NCAA women's basketball season starting up.

As I did with the WNBA season, I'm limiting myself to posting 10 of the most interesting articles worth your time to read, whether you'rea college fan or a WNBA fan looking ahead to the 2014 WNBA Draft. We also post some things on our Facebook page in between getting these links posts up, so you should definitely check that out.

But of course if there are other links out there that you really enjoyed, feel free to let us know in the comments.

  • Graham Hays of espnW wrote a great feature on Duke point guard Chelsea Gray, who is expected to be one of the top point guards in the 2014 WNBA Draft. A lot of great nuggets in there about her recovery from the knee injury she suffered during a game in February, but assistant coach Candace Jackson gave us something to watch for: "When she first started practicing and doing stuff in September, it was difficult for her. The passes that she made, where she had that extra half a second ahead of the defense, she didn't have that. That was difficult for. Her upper-body strength was still there but her lower body wasn't, so her shot was a little bit different. She was changing her jump shot. That took her a little bit of time." Read more >>>
  • James Moran of the New Orleans Times-Picayune previewed the LSU Tigers' season with a video of Nikki Caldwell discussing the newcomers. Of note for WNBA fans is Theresa Plaissance, someone we haven't discussed much around here but should be a name to remember as a draft prospect. As Moran writes, "After leading the SEC in scoring last season (17.0 ppg), the versatile forward enters her final season as a National Player of the Year Candidate and was voted preseason All-SEC." Read more >>>
  • Vicki Friedman of put together a great overview of the A-10. Sadly, as the sports world grapples with the issue of concussions, Richmond senior Becca Wann was forced to retire from basketball due to a concussion suffered playing soccer. Read more >>>
  • Doris Taylor of WTKR3 put together a video preview of the Old Dominion team that is pretty good even if you care little about Conference USA. ODU is looking to return to the NCAA tournament this year and coach Karen Barefoot has to be among the most enthusiastic coaches in the country. Read more >>>
  • Nicole Kim of Neon Tommy covered USC's exhibition game last Friday, getting some thoughts on the season from new coach and WNBA legend Cynthia Cooper. An experienced coach, Cooper is hoping to bring a winning mentality to her alma mater. Read more >>>
    • The San Jose Mercury News staff put together a preview of the Bay Area's women's basketball programs, which has a little something for fans of the Pac-12, WAC, and WCC. Stephanie Hammon suggests that Cal's Courtney Range will be relied upon to fill the rebounding shoes of the injured Gennifer Brandon. Read more >>>
    • Jeff Faraudo of the San Jose Mercury News looked into the gap in success between men's and women's basketball at the Bay Area's Pac-12 schools: while both the women's teams at both Cal and Stanford have established themselves as tournament teams, the neither of the men's teams have made the tournament since Stanford did in 1998. It's an interesting to think about given the resources that men's programs normally receive. Read more >>>
    • Kate Fagan of espnW wrote an article about the many dimensions of Shoni Schimmel, which included the Native American star's thoughts on the ongoing controversy about the name of the Washington professional football team: "Just because what our people went through was hundreds of years ago doesn't mean we forgot what happened, forgot what our elders went through. Changing the name would help give us, as Native Americans, the same equality that every other race wants." Read more >>>

    • Brian Phillips of Grantland wrote a brilliant piece about Richie Incognito, Jonathan Martin, the Miami Dolphins bullying scandal and "warrior culture" in not only football but also sports at large. The article itself is just a must-read for any sports fan, but the reason I post it here is because women's basketball coaches have responded and Lin Dunn made a good point that is really directly connected to the core point of this article. And even further related, a Bay Area radio show host went on a rant yesterday about how "sports has lost its way because women are giving directions', which is special. Lots to think about with this story - Phillips did a good job of capturing the aspects that matter. Read more >>>

    Feel free to drop any additional links you find interesting in the comments or create a fanshot that people can find on the site. If you have a longer commentary to make, definitely head over to the fanpost section and write it over there.