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Games I wish I'd seen: 25 November 2013

Not a lot going on in women's college basketball on the Monday before Thanksgiving. So which games do we pick?

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

I am only counting 20 or so games played yesterday.  This makes it a really tough job to figure out which games I would have liked to see.

* Games involving power conference teams?
* Close games?
* Best-looking mascots?

Tough choices all around, but I settled on these two.

#8 Maryland (5-1) beat Drexel (2-3) at home 69-63.  Drexel were the winners of last year's WNIT, and Maryland has an active and vocal fandom, so consider this my way of saying "hello". The margin might have been wider if the Terps had some success at the free throw line (they went 9-for-16) or might have been closer if the Dragons senior guard Flora Flanagan could have had something better than an 0-for-7 shooting night.  It was another great day for senior forward Alyssa Thomas who had 21 points and 14 rebounds.  A pair of freshmen for Drexel - guard Alexis Smith and forward Sarah Curran - had 19 and 16 points respectively, both career highs.

#17 South Carolina (7-0) beat Southern California (3-2) 70-50 on the road.

Did you know that South Carolina has now sold 4,000 season tickets?  Yep, right here:

We have another battle of ex-WNBA players as head coaches, Coach Staley vs. Coach Cooper-Dyke. (With WNBA referee Michael Price to blow the whistle.)  The NCAA website called this the "battle of the USCs" as both schools use that as an acronym.  It looks like the South Carolina squad had this one well in hand, shooting 50 percent for the game.  Furthermore, the Gamecocks were 20-for-26 from the free throw line, compared to 9-for-18 from the Women of Troy.