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Astrological Answers to Top WNBA Offseason Questions

Unable to get answers from the traditional channels, Swish Appeal has the psychics at weigh in on the WNBA's great questions with their clairvoyant know-how.

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With the WNBA off-season now upon us, it looked as if we'd be treading water looking for answers to well-debated WNBA questions. There would be no way for us to peek at the ending - we'd have to wait it out with everyone else.

And yet - you never know what might happen in the world of women's basketball. Out of the blue I was contacted by representatives of, an on-line network of psychics that provided live psychic readings. They offered Swish Appeal the opportunity to have questions about either teams or players answered by their staff.

As they were offering gratis, it was an easy offer to accept. After all, it seemed in the stars. Twelve teams. Twelve astrological signs. They sensed a need and came running.

Three of their psychics even wrote the article for us! (Dang, these guys are good.) What follows below are the efforts of the three psychics that contributed the responses below.

Each of them brought their own talents, whether clairvoyancy, tarot, or astrology. For the players and teams named below, we supplied Ben, Elijah and Angela the birth dates and birth locations of the players named. They took that information, and their psychic insights follow as all three contributed to the following article.

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WNBA fans! You’ve got questions and we’ve got answers! Sometimes scoreboards and stat sheets can tell you the tale by-the-numbers of your favorite teams and athletes. However, other more intangible factors can tell you a tale that’s woven in the stars or straight-up in the cards for some of the top players in the WNBA.

We’ve reached out to some of Psychic Source’s top psychics to glean some insight into what’s in store for some of the leading ladies on the court today. Want to see how your favorite team or favorite athlete may fare this season? Read on! All teams are listed in alphabetical order by city:

Atlanta Dream: Will Angel McCoughtry get along with her new coach (whoever that is) in 2014?

Atlanta Dream guard / forward Angel McCoughtry will likely get along with her new coach. Two psychics, Angela and Elijah believe that McCoughtry will respect the yet-to-be-named coach’s authority. Elijah saw the tarot card, the King of Cups present alongside the Three of Cups. With Cups being the Tarot card suit indicative of relationships and (usually positive) emotional response, Elijah mentioned that "Here, wisdom will be called into action with friendship, respect and understanding."

Psychic Ben, however, predicted that McCoughtry will tolerate her new coach, but that there may be a lot of tension that stems from this new scenario that may not go away. Angel McCoughtry is born under the typically mellow, yet highly cerebral sign of Virgo. Virgo sometimes has friction with Leo, a fire sign that can often scorch this earth sign.

Chicago Sky: Who will do better in the MVP balloting in 2014 - Sylvia Fowles or Elena Delle Donne?

The Chicago Sky has not one, but two players who figure in prominently into the WNBA MVP picture. Sylvia Fowles and Elena Delle Donne both stand a great chance for the coveted title. Both Angela and Elijah see Sylvia Fowles standing a better chance, while Ben predicts that Elena Delle Donne will fare better -- by a wide margin. From an astrological perspective, Delle Donne, a Virgo, is poised to have a better year career-wise than Libra -- Fowles’ sign.

Connecticut Sun: Will Anne Donovan survive the season without getting fired? What are her prospects for 2014?

All three psychics have predicted that Connecticut Sun coach Anne Donovan will have a banner year, although there may be some obstacles. The presence of several royal members of the tarot’s minor arcana -- the King of Cups and Queen of Wands point towards her overcoming these obstacles and securing her position with the team. However, there is a strong possibility her winning ways make her an attractive prospect to coach another team at the start of the next season.

Indiana Fever: Will Katie Douglas remain healthy next season - or ever again?

Both psychics Angela and Elijah see Indiana Fever guard / forward Katie Douglas getting -- and staying healthy following a back injury that shortened her season last year. Angela sees Douglas embarking upon a training regimen that will give her a fighting chance at staying healthy and staying in the game. Douglas, a Taurus, gets further reassurance by the presence of her sun sign’s ruling planet -- Venus -- entering her health house in 2014, ushering in a calming, stabilizing influence where it concerns her health.

Los Angeles Sparks: What is the likelihood that Tina Charles of the Connecticut Sun will end up in Los Angeles next year?

Angela, Ben, and Elijah universally agree that Tina is headed for a major new start this season -- and there’s a strong chance that the Los Angeles Sparks can count the 6’4", 2012 MVP among their ranks. Charles’ sun sign, Sagittarius, is set to have a prosperous year in 2014 with very few roadblocks along the way. Hard-working and adaptable to change, Charles’ Sagittarius nature would see her through a change in scenery should the opportunity materialize.

Minnesota Lynx: Is a dynasty in the making for the Minnesota Lynx?

Once again, all three psychics seem to believe that the Minnesota Lynx are bound for glory in the near future. Angela offered that, "if Minnesota prioritizes building (or keeping) the best possible roster, and does not start to make finances (like payroll/players' salaries) their top priority, then they can expect to finish well in the standings/make a long playoff run this season and beyond. But the moment they give in to the Four of Pentacles [the tarot card associated with monetary greed], stop investing in building a winning team, and start to pinch pennies, they will lose top players and their results will suffer."

The Lynx’s current roster features a strong Sagittarius / Taurus influence among its players. As mentioned previously, Sagittarius is set to have a strong year in terms of career and financial gain. Taurus may not have it as easy as Sagittarius, but 2014 marks a year of professional cooperation. This seems to be in-line with psychic predictions that, if the Lynx work together as a team, there is in fact a dynasty "in the cards."

New York Liberty: Will Plenette Pierson still be in New York next year?

Both Angela and Elijah see Pierson holding down her spot as the center of the New York Liberty. Pierson, a Virgo, is predisposed to a strong connection to Taurus -- the astrological sign of her coach, Bill Laimbeer. Not only do the duo have earth sign status bonding them together, but Pierson used to play for Coach Laimbeer in Detroit, as well -- further cementing their bond. Taurus and Virgo are one of the zodiac’s strongest partnerships, built on mutual respect and a common drive, despite the different ways each sign pursues their goals.

Phoenix Mercury: Can the Phoenix Mercury get past Minnesota next season, or will Minnesota continue to own Phoenix like they did in 2013?

Minnesota will have the upper hand in this rivalry [with Phoenix], consistent with the psychic trio's outlook for these teams.

Although Phoenix will have a good year this season, Minnesota will have the upper hand in this rivalry, consistent with the psychic trio’s outlook for these teams. The current Phoenix roster has a strong Aries presence among its ranks. In 2014, Aries can see an upswing on their career trajectory. It will be a cosmic test of tenacity in that progress will be slow, but if the strong-willed (and sometimes rash-thinking) Aries influence curbs its tendencies to throw in the towel if things aren’t going their way, Phoenix may be able to turn the tide in the years ahead.

Seattle Storm: Will Sue Bird and Lauren Jackson stay healthy for the 2014 season?

Angela and Elijah seem to think both Bird and Jackson will remain healthy, only incurring minor injuries throughout the season. Both Libra and Taurus -- Bird and Jackson’s astrological signs, respectively -- are ruled by the planet Venus and Taurus is set to have a pretty even-keel year in terms of health. Libra, however, should proceed with caution and not take too many risks that could put them out of commission.

San Antonio Silver Stars: Will Sophia Young's anti-gay marriage advocacy cause a problem in the Silver Stars locker room?

Sophia Young’s sun sign is is the fiery Sagittarius. Sagittarius is know for not holding back their thoughts -- which can sometimes demonstrate a lack of tact on this sign’s part. As polarizing as Sophia Young’s statement is, our psychics were also divided on their predictions as to how this will bode for the Silver Stars’ locker room dynamic. Angela believes that "It doesn't look like it's going to go over very well, but the people on the team are professionals and they are going to overcome the friction because the team is what's important here. The players will realize that." Ben noted that this will pose a problem that will see Young ostracized by her teammates, adding that he sees management stepping in and successfully shutting down the friction.

Tulsa Shock: Will Skylar Diggins make a significant improvement - more along the lines deserving of a #3 Draft Pick - in 2014?

On the flipside, [Psychics] Elijah and Ben see [Skylar] Diggins either improving only slightly and remaining inconsistent on the court, or not improving at all -- all twerk and no work!

Angela sees improvement in the future for the Tulsa Shock’s Skylar Diggins, "largely because because she is going to do a lot of work in order to MAKE those improvements happen. It's not going to be something that happens all on its own -- she'll work for it." On the flipside, both Elijah and Ben see Diggins either improving only slightly and remaining inconsistent on the court, or not improving at all -- all twerk and no work!

Diggins’s scene-stealing ways are right in line with her astrological sign, Leo. Leos love the spotlight and are typically uber-motivated individuals. The attention Diggins receives for her off-court antics due to her larger-than-life personality may be dampening her drive on the court since one is fanning her fame flame. Perhaps once Diggins realizes that her fame is truly attached to her athletic skills, she’ll get "back in the game" before her career is kaput.

Washington Mystics: Will Mike Thibault be able to bring a star with at least some of her prime years ahead of her to play in Washington during this off-season?

It’s unanimous! All three psychics agree that coach Mike Thibault will be able attract a new, young, driven player to the Washington Mystics during the off-season. Angela believes that "he is going to paint the team as an up-and-coming place to play and is likely to garner interest from some players who want more playing time, but who are "stuck" behind another star on their current team." This M.O. sounds right in line with Thibault’s sun sign, Libra. Libras are characterized by their diplomatic nature. With ruling planet Venus in his corner, Thibault will be able to leverage the gentle art of persuasion to make an attractive proposition to a rising star in the WNBA.

So, there you have it! Do you agree with the psychic predictions for some of your favorite WNBA athletes? Let us know in the comments!

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