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Fight breaks out in stands after WVU-Hawai'i WBB game, Hawai'i AD injured

A Hawai'i heckler attempted to attack a West Virginia coach after Monday's West Virginia-Hawai'i game, sparking a brawl that left Hawai'i athletic director Ben Jay injured.


According to the Charleston Daily Mail, there was a scuffle that broke out after West Virginia's 59-56 victory over Hawai'i late last night.

The scuffle took place behind the West Virginia bench and involved Mountaineers fans who made the trip and at least one Hawai'i fan.  According to a Hawai'i television station, the Hawai'i fan was heckling the West Virginia fans and then began a shouting match with West Virginia staff members.  A Mountaineers supporter grabbed the Hawai'i fan and the resulting fight spilled out onto the court.

Hawai'i athletic director Ben Jay attempted to intervene but injured his back.  The wife of West Virginia coach Mike Carey passed out during the fracas. West Virginia officials will not press charges.

The Honolulu Star-Advertiser had this quote from Hawai'i coach Laura Beeman.

"He was either stomped, hit with a chair or punched," Beeman said of Jay. "He was in the middle of it, but he did a remarkable job of trying to break things up. People lost their minds. Talk about mob mentality. People were looking for a reason to fight and be ignorant. I hope Ben is OK but he got hit really good."

West Virginia coach Mike Carey said the following:

"He was heckling the whole game," Carey said of the fan he claimed escalated a confrontation right after the final whistle. "And people can do that, that's no biggie. He came down from the stands trying to go after my assistant coach. That's what happened. And then somebody grabbed him, stopped him and he kept trying to go, and people fell. That's when all the commotion started."

Carey's wife recovered.  Jay recovered after treatment from EMTs.

UPDATE:  Now with video!