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Games I wish I'd seen: 14 November 2013

My struggles with ESPN3 continue, while two major games take place elsewhere.

Jamie Rhodes-USA TODAY Sports

From a previous Games I'd wish I'd seen, I discussed the joys of trying to watch a game on ESPN3.  Mind you, I'd like to think that the internet in my home is strong, but apparently it's not strong enough.  I attempted to watch Belmont vs. Lipscomb, and had the same results as I did with the UConn game I tried to see previously - the strength of the internet connection would switch from spectacular to non-existent at regular intervals.

Albert Lee offered some advice, but I had one trick up my sleeve - a Cat5 cable, where I'd hook into the house's Comcast model directly.  No effect whatsoever.  Looks like my next college basketball game I see live will be Connecticut vs. Maryland today.

#5 Louisville beat #14 LSU 88-67 in the famous "Beer Game" - if the good God-fearing people of Kansas State can offer free bacon as a game enticement, then worldly Louisville can offer free beer, which they did.  Each of the first 2,500 fans got one free $2 beer, and they also got to see a game where Louisville was pretty much in control, shooting 58 percent for the game.  A 21-0 run during the second half finished the deal.

Of course, I could have seen the game on CardsTV, Louisville's webcast network.  But they charge $9.95 a month.  Really, Louisville?

In other Preseason WNIT action, #11 Oklahoma managed to hold off #25 Gonzaga 82-78 at home.  There were 21 lead changes and 14 ties, but the Zags had a slim lead for most of it.  With five minutes to go, Gonzaga led by four.  But then they hit foul trouble - the Bulldogs committed 32 personal fouls during the game and had six of those fouls late in the game.  (That, and they went ice cold with 1-for-9 shooting).  Oklahoma had 23 personal fouls, implying that both teams haven't quite got those new NCAA rules under their belt yet.

Talladega College beat Samford 50-49.  The only reason I'd wish I'd seen this one is that it's one of those rare "non-DI school beats DI school" games.  Talladega College is an NAIA Division II school.  So how did they beat Samford?  Both teams shot horribly (33.3 percent vs 32.7 percent), both teams rebounded horribly (29 vs. 26) and only one player on both teams scored in double digits. Senior guard Tianna Jones for the Tornadoes won the game on a buzzer-beating layup.