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Games I'd wish I'd seen: 12 November 2013

What was that game on internet TV last night? Oh yeah. I forgot.


Last night, I was hoping to see a women's basketball game on ESPN3.   The first time I tried that was a disaster, with all sorts of stops, bumps, grinds, video freezes, and I could swear the computer called me a nasty word, too.

But hope springs eternal!  I figured I would give it a second try now that I had my trusty CAT5 cable - but I had to work late last night and my hopes of seeing that game blew up.  I don't quite remember what that game was, so if anyone did see it on ESPN3 last night, please remind me.

Indiana got away with a win at IPFW, 85-80.  The Hoosiers pre-season schedule doesn't look all that deep and Indiana finished 11-19 last season.  If I recall correctly, IPFW play games in a shoebox of a gym so it would be interesting watching that.  Senior Amanda Hyde scored 33 points for the Mastodons but four Hoosiers scored in double figures. IFPW cut it to 80-78 late in the game but Indiana hit four free throws late to square it away

Florida Gulf Coast had no trouble against Bethune-Cookman,71-38.  I think this is the ESPN3 game I didn't get to see.  In any case, it would have been interesting to see Florida Gulf Coast, an example of a program doing a lot in a short period of time, play their home opener.  The Wildcats were forced into 26 turnovers.

Colorado beats Colorado State 63-59 on the road.  You figure that an interstate rivalry game has got to be good.  Colorado didn't score a single field goal in something like the last six minutes and a 59-46 lead was whittled down to 60-59 with 2:15 left.  In the final minute, the Rams had the ball and could have taken the lead with a field goal, but Buffaloes sophomore forward Arielle Robertson stole the ball with 51 seconds to go, and her two free throws were enough to keep the game out of reach for the home squad.