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Links: Coaches poll, preview of big Thursday games, and women in sports (journalism)

10 links about the beginning of the NCAA women's basketball season.

Shoni Schimmel had a poor shooting night in Louisville's opener, but her passing numbers were impressive.
Shoni Schimmel had a poor shooting night in Louisville's opener, but her passing numbers were impressive.

The college basketball season is underway and if you've being paying attention to our site you can probably tell we're getting back into the swing of game coverage and commentary.

If you haven't already been following the site daily, there are a number of places around the site to keep up with college basketball action:

  • James has done a great job keeping up with key daily scores in his "Games I wish I'd seen" storystream.
  • There are a number of SB Nation sites covering their women's basketball team, which is great to see. When we don't catch them around the network, you can check out some of the sites that cover their teams more consistently in our "Around SBN" section.
  • Jacob Sundstrom is keeping up with the AAC in our AAC section.
  • If you're so dedicated to college hoops that you want to ignore all that pro hoops stuff, you can always go directly to our NCAA section.

For the links, I'll be filling in the blanks a bit and keeping up with draft prospects in particular. And let's begin today's links with something to complement games we've already covered.

USF video documenting their trip to New York City.
  • Queenie already covered the San Francisco Dons' 1-1 trip to New York (here and here) and USF has put together a video of the trip showcasing some highlights from their win at Columbia. And the Dons will be on the road quite a bit this month: 4 of their next 6 will be away from the cozy confines of War Memorial Gym.
  • The USA Today/Coaches poll was released yesterday with UConn being voted as the unanimous #1 team in the nation, as one might expect after their convincing win over Stanford. Both Cal and Stanford dropped two spots after losses to top two teams and North Carolina dropped three after their loss to Tennessee. LSU moved up a spot. Read more >>>
  • Steve Jones of the Courier-Journal offered a comprehensive recap (and video) of Louisville's dominant win over Quinnipiac after which coach Jeff Walz commented, "There's no ‘D' in our defense. I'm not going to yell and scream at them about getting down in their stance. It's all about pride now. If they don't want to guard it's up to them." The whole article is worth a read to get a sense of where the Cardinals are right now, but of note was Shoni Schimmel's performance: for those interested in her WNBA potential, the fact that she had 11 assists and 4 turnovers is at least as significant as her 1-for-13 shooting. Read more >>>
  • John Altavilla of the Hartford Courant reported that there's no news yet on Kaleena Mosqueda-Lewis' status after her fall in UConn's win against Stanford on Monday. As others have speculated, Altavilla suggests that Morgan Tuck will get the start if Mosqueda-Lewis is out for their games against Maryland and Penn State. Read more >>>
  • Jason Orts of the Waco Tribune recapped the Baylor Lady Bears' big win over Grambling State Lady Tigers. Although Baylor's balance headlined Orts' article, it's difficult to ignore Odyssey Sims' 28 points including 11-for-12 free throw shooting, 5 steals, 4 assists, and 4 boards in 28 minutes. Read more >>>
  • Maddy Arnold of the Iowa State Daily recapped Hallie Christofferson's career-high 32 points in Iowa State's 84-55 win over North Dakota on Sunday. After the game, ISU coach Bill Fennelly commented, "We all know how good she is but it’s nice to see her put up those kind of number so maybe some of the people in the rest of the country will realize how good she is." We realize and we're watching, Bill. Read more >>>
  • Max Cohen of the Michigan Daily looked back at the Michigan Wolverines' performance at the Iona Tournament (which Queenie also recapped here) and identifies five lessons about the team while highlighting the potential of junior Shannon Smith, who began her collegiate career at North Carolina. Cohen suggests that she could break the program scoring record. Read more >>>
  • Jeff Eisenberg of Yahoo took a look at the actual number of fouls during the first weekend of play in men's college basketball, which is also undergoing an adjustment to how officials are calling fouls. The matter of how fouls have been called has been a frequent topic of discussion in the early season and became a topic of discussion in last night's marquee men's game. But there were two important takeaways from the article: fouls didn't go up that much and scoring actually increased. The article didn't include data from women's basketball but did remind me of something Cal women's basketball coach Lindsay Gottlieb said after their game against Duke on Sunday: the points of emphasis benefit teams (like Cal) that are athletic enough to defend by moving their feet and beat opponents off the dribble to score. Teams that are less athletic and have to hold or grab to stop opponents will be hurt by these rules. When you look at the games Eisenberg identified as being foul-heavy, it's at least interesting to note that many of those are teams we probably won't be talking about much in March and might fit the profile of a team without elite athleticism. It will be interesting to see how that theory plays out over the course of the season in both men's and women's basketball. Read more >>>

  • Amy K. Nelson - who worked for ESPN before joining SB Nation - added her voice to the discussion about "a San Francisco sports radio host named Damon Bruce shared some silly, pretty neanderthal thoughts about women and their role in the sports world." Whether you've heard about the situation or not, the whole article is worth a read as Nelson orients us toward the real issue at hand: "...calling for Damon Bruce's firing isn't some move that will magically alleviate some of these fears and frustrations. As Beadle said, he's not alone with his bigotry. What I'd rather see is a desire to get more women in positions of real, true power." Read more >>>

Obviously, there are many other links out there about women's basketball and women in sports with the college season beginning. Feel free to drop any other links in the comments below or create a fanshot to share with the community. If you have a longer commentary to make, write up a fanpost to share.