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Georgetown women's basketball coach Keith Brown on administrative leave for allegations of unprofessional conduct and inappropriate language

Earlier today, as M. Robinson pointed out in a FanShot, Georgetown University women's basketball coach Keith Brown and assistant coach Tim Valentine are on administrative leave following complaints regarding their conduct to their players.

Matt Cashore-USA TODAY Sports

While the University investigates, assistant coaches Krystal-Reeves Evans and Kenya Kirkland will lead the team.  Brown was named the head coach in May 2012 following the departure of Terri Williams-Flournoy, who took the head coaching position at Auburn.  The Hoyas were 15-16 last year.  Also for more reading on the investigation, read this web article here from WJLA, the ABC affiliate in Washington, DC.

So that leaves me with an open question and it's not on Georgetown or Coach Brown specifically, but on sports generally speaking.  I hear a good amount cussing by players and coaches alike on the sidelines.  So, what do you all think about college coaches, professional coaches, and players regarding their usage of profanity which many do use?  See here and here for examples of coaches that have made some good use of four letter words though they are men's coaches.  I personally can go either way, but that's one of the things I was thinking about when I saw this story.