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Youngblood: Where do the Minnesota Lynx stand among the WNBA's best ever?

Kent Youngblood of the Star Tribune put together a feature yesterday trying to find the Minnesota Lynx's place in WNBA history.

To Lynx coach Cheryl Reeve's point in the article, we have to concede that the Houston Comets from 1997-2000 are still the most dominant team in league history in that they won four straight championships. But could this Lynx team still be in the conversation for the best team in terms of how they'd (hypothetically) match up head-to-head?

Lynx assistant Shelly Patterson, who knows a thing or two about that Comets team, says yes.

Patterson initially hemmed and hawed, demurred. But, Thursday night?

"This team would win," Patterson said of the Lynx, 80-22 in the regular season and 19-5 in the playoffs since the start of the 2011 season. "I don’t what to disrespect what the [Comets] did. But I will say that the game has grown so much. The sets we run, the game planning that we do for each game, the athletic level of the league? The Lynx would have to be one of the great teams in league history, at this point."

And now that we've established the Lynx as a player in that conversation, where do you think they stand?

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