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Minnesota Lynx are the best of Minneapolis pro sports and poised to keep rolling

Phil Ervin of Fox Sports North summed up a Minnesota Lynx season that began without any hype and continued without the major post-season awards befitting a team of their caliber, but ended with another championship.

...(Coach Cheryl) Reeve, (owner Glen) Taylor and executive vice president Roger Griffith have delivered as many championships to the Cities in three years as Minnesota's four major professional organizations ever have. But that Title-Deprived Town possesses a team in the midst of a near-epic journey that doesn't appear close to over...This already-unprecedented train is set to keep right on rolling.

Already the class of the Minneapolis pro sports scene that has been dominated by "stadium construction and quarterback controversies and contract disputes" in addition to its fair share of losing in the men's basketball league, the Lynx are poised to add plenty more to their legacy.

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