Besides being my favorite team, the Lynx were easily the best team in the WNBA this season. All around performance from every single player helped the Lynx bring home their second championship in three years.

Grading the starting 5, naming my own MVP, and The 6th Woman of the series is what I am about to do know.

Maya Moore

What else can you say about this woman. In my opinion, the best women's basketball player every, and one of the best athletes to ever play the sports. She definitely deserves everything she is given, and helped this team win the championship more than anyone.

Seimone Augustus

A woman I believe deserves the MVP also would be Seimone Augustus. She played hard, and was ice cold. She constantly hit shots when it seemed like Minnesota could not. I am proud of Mrs. Augustus, and believe that she will win a couple more of these before she retires.

Rebekkah Brunson

Not really given enough credit, this woman does it all. She can score from anywhere, and also defend from anywhere. She is the one woman machine.

Janel McCarville

I will be honest. At the beginning of the season I was worried with the Wiggin-Janel trade. Now I am 100%+ sold on her. She may not be the best scorer but she can do everything else. Everything.

Lindsay Whalen

The leader. A woman that is overlooked each and every game. She will prove you all wrong, now matter what you think.


Maya: A

Seimone: B+

Rebekkah Brunson: B

Janel: B+

Lindsay Whalen: A-

I am being 100% honest here. I was happy that Maya was picked MVP. She did it all. But I have to go with someone different..someone that does not even start.

Monica Wright

She came in when the going got rough. She scored, and defended, and worked her butt off. She deserved it just as much as anyone. Even tonight, she locked the game up officially.

I also pick her as the 6th Woman because she did everything in her will to help this team win.

Well, as one year passes the Lynx are champs again. Next season, we will work harder, play better, and win another.

This is for the last time, GO LYNX!