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Is Kansas Jayhawks center Carolyn Davis a lock for the first round in the 2013 WNBA Draft?

During a Q&A with Al Willman of the Eastern Echo, former Kansas Jayhawks assistant and current Eastern Michigan Eagles head coach Tory Verdi suggested that 6'3" Jayhawks post Carolyn Davis will be selected in the first round.

Moving on to the University of Kansas, being part of a program that really needed help taking that next step and within our second year we made it to the Sweet 16, and having the opportunity to coach Carolyn Davis who is on the Waite Trophy watch list and also an All-American, so I had that opportunity to help coach her up as well. She'll be selected in the first round of the WNBA draft this year as well.

Davis has certainly been on our radar since before this season but was noted as having a statistical red flag: a low offensive rebounding percentage during her junior year before tearing her ACL. Surely Davis will be in the first round conversation as a big who's an efficient scorer, but thus far this season she's still outside of the top 15 in the Big 12 in offensive rebounding.

But setting that aside, one of the things that really stands out about this draft if you look at in terms of tiers is that there are maybe a handful of elite prospects (if we're generous in how we define "elite") but it still seems extremely difficult to determine what the draft will look like after the top three picks much less narrow down a list of first round locks.

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