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Key questions for some of the top 2013 WNBA Draft prospects

Last week, Clay Kallam of Full Court Press took a look at some of the prospects we've been watching this season and made some key points about the top players after the highly touted "big three":

...from this perspective, the Washington Mystics will probably have to settle for Maryland's Tianna Hawkins (who sadly does a lot of the things Crystal Langhorne already does), and after that, it's just guesswork.

Can Tayler Hill do more than shoot? Despite her 20.6 ppg, Ohio State has been one of the most disappointing teams in the country, and the 5-10 guard has more turnovers than assists. Her game might translate well into the WNBA, but then again a smallish two guard who doesn't handle and has defensive questions might never break into a starting lineup.

And speaking of small, Angel Goodrich (Kansas) is a pure point guard, but is generously listed at 5-4 and shoots just 36.5% from the field. Markel Walker (UCLA) has the size (6-2), but does she have the quickness? Toni Young (Oklahoma State) and Chelsea Poppens (Iowa State) have a shot, and Kelly Faris (UConn) can defend at a very high level.

Although this has been touted as an especially deep draft, closer scrutiny of the prospects throughout this season really has revealed that after the top three or four there will be a lot of guesswork involved for WNBA general managers for this draft.

For more of Kallam's thoughts on the WNBA offseason, check out the rest of his article at Full Court Press. For more of our ongoing analysis of 2013 WNBA Draft prospects, check out our 2013 draft storystream.