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Photo gallery: St. Joe's (Oradell) 29, Our Lady of Mt. Carmel(Tenafly) 16

It is not easy to officiate and piece together a photo essay. At any rate here is the end result from a Northern New Jersey sixth grade game.

Tenafly, NJ - Tenafly is known for Lesley Gore, a pop singer from the Sixties who called the borough home. St. Joe's, based a few miles away, in Oradell can claim Super Bowl champion coach Bill Parcells as having attended the public high school (River Dell) from that town.

Get to the gym and in the lobby the St. Joe's girls are huddled with the coach. They are in prayer. Not to get political but it is nice to see a school one can have no worry about praying in.

Game time....OLMC hangs close for most of the half. St. Joe's has the ability to run and a number three who can triple treat, run, handle and stop to hit a mid range jumper.

St. Joe's' 13-10 lead at the half is increased with a fast start. In this league, there are six minute quarters, no pressing at all and no three pointers, the beyond the arc variety. Love the no pressing as it helps teach the kids half court basketball. No threes? Maybe it is just as well so they can rely on good defense to get them back in the game, not a succession of shots from downtown.

Had OLMC last week in a loss at St. John's (Hillsdale). They had a number 43 play well. Today she is quiet. The OLMC court is smaller than St. John's where she did some damage in transition. Also, St. Joe's is zoning and the minute she receives the ball a defender or two are waiting.

As the game ends the players exchange high fives and the OLMC group, disappointed, is not totally upset as a parent dutifully arrives with home made cup cakes.