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Video: Highlights from the USF Dons' upset of BYU

Highlights from the San Francisco Dons upset win over the Brigham Young Cougars yesterday as well as an interview with star guard Mel Khlok.

The San Francisco Dons' 65-56 win over the Brigham Young Cougars yesterday at War Memorial Gym might not have been quite as big as last year's win in Provo, but it's their biggest win to date in this season and unquestionably another sign of progress for third year coach Jennifer Azzi's program.

"As we've been building the program, the big change is when the players start to really own the program," Azzi told media after the win. "They'll stay after practice, they'll work on anything that they need to work on, they'll come and watch film. It's fun for me because I was like that as a player so to see that same kind of energy toward the game, I'm really drawn to that. And it's exciting to me to see that that kind of work - it pays off. A little skill work goes a long way."

For more on the game, visit the USF website.