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Madison Williams had right knee surgery on Friday

Madison Williams had exploratory surgery on her knee Friday, a procedure that was initially scheduled for February.

Photo by USA Today Sports.

East Lansing, MI -- Michigan State Spartans redshirt sophomore Madison Williams, underwent exploratory surgery on her right knee on Friday.

"It was just exploratory to see what was causing some swelling but nothing major," said Michigan State Assistant Athletic Communications Director Jim Donatelli.

Williams, the talented center from Berkley, Michigan is already out for the season with a torn left ACL and
this surgery was originally scheduled for February.

Michigan State, which is currently a game behind first place in the Big Ten Conference at 3-1, has had its share of season-ending injuries this year with Williams, freshman Aerial Powers (left Achilles) and Branndais Agee (right ACL).

The 6-foot-7 Williams’ career at Michigan State has been hampered by knee injuries: a torn right ACL injury in 2010, torn left ACL injury in 2011 and the aforementioned injury this season.

The surgery was deemed very successful and it should correct any lingering problems.