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An overview of SBN United layouts

With SBN United came many changes, the biggest being some flexibility in how we lay out our sites.

We know it can be disconcerting - already here, we decided to switch from a "cover" with 3 stories to one with 4 stories because it allows us some room to highlight multiple things at once (e.g. WNBA playoffs, WNBA awards, WNBA draft, and whatever the latest story is).

Mike Prada of SB Nation's Washington Wizards site Bullets Forever has put up a pretty nice overview at the options at our disposal for the top of the site, including the new jargon for it: "the cover".

To start, we're going to discuss the cover, which refers to the arrangement of stories at the top of the page. We'll walk you through the different layouts at our disposal and work together to figure out how to best use them.

First thing's first: the content we put in the cover is recent content. While the posts may not always be arranged perfectly in chronological order, if it's a new thing we've published, it will almost always stay in the cover for some time. We just might choose to highlight a longer piece in the top slot instead of the daily links or something smaller. Below the cover, the stories will generally flow in reverse chronological order just like before.

At the end of his piece he asks how they should use the cover and I'll ask the same thing here with a twist: given the breadth of basketball coverage/analysis we try to provide compared to a single team site, how do you think we should best use "the cover"? What do you think of the 4-up strategy now?

Let us know and help us help you adjust to all this change.

For another perspective on SBN United's features, visit SBN's Clemson site Shakin' The Southland.