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Tulsa Shock have a bright future ahead of them no matter what happens in the WNBA lottery

The Tulsa Shock played their way out of top lottery position by finishing the 2012 WNBA season on a bit of a hot streak and that was arguably not a terrible thing: they needed to show signs of life and that's a positive even though it might seem better in the long run to be in better position for a top pick.

"Nobody ever wants to be part of a lottery selection, but we're here and we're going to see how the chips may fall," said Tulsa Shock coach Steve Swetoha in a WNBA release. "Our team has vastly improved, from winning three games in 2011 to tripling our wins in 2012, and we look so much forward to 2013. Getting another piece of the puzzle, indirectly today, is going to be for us another piece of the puzzle to fight for a playoff spot in 2013. That's what we're really looking forward to and excited about."

With center Liz Cambage expected to return in 2013, a promising 2012 rookie forward Glory Johnson, and whoever they end up with in the 2013 draft, the Shock should be on their way up.