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SBN United: Monumental Sports owner Ted Leonsis gives Swish Appeal a shout out

Ted Leonsis - founder, majority owner, chairman and CEO of Monumental Sports & Entertainment, which owns the WNBA's Washington Mystics - has taken notice of SB Nation's site re-design and given the sites covering D.C. sports (including Swish Appeal for WNBA coverage) a shout out.

For SB Nation sites. A bit jarring at first as it is so radically different, but we will all get accustomed to it.

Click here for Wizards fans. And here for Caps fans. And here for Mystics fans.

Emphasis is on design and photos, the stinging pixels are of secondary importance on the page.

One interesting thing just looking at those sites from a design perspective is just how many different options we have for presenting information, though I have to commend Bullets Forever for doing some nice things with posting whole sections in the stream and coming up with some great feature ideas enabled by all the new features.

Just cruising around the network over the last day or so yields plenty of ideas.