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AdWeek on SBN United: SB Nation making investments in long form feature writing

In addition to all of the changes you've already seen around SB Nation this week, Charlie Warzell of AdWeek reports on another coming development: long-form feature writing.

Following in the footsteps of web native properties like ESPN's Grantland, SB Nation is making investments in long form feature writing, which will be run by Glenn Stout, editor of the "Best American Sports Writing" series. SB Nation plans to publish three or four long form pieces per week.

On the design and technical side, the re-launch is enormous. The site will boast a responsive design across desktop, mobile, and tablet platforms, which means the user experience and design will be largely uniform and intuitive across individual platforms. "It's the biggest lean into adaptive, responsive design in the publishing industry that I've seen," Vox Media CEO Jim Bankoff said.

3rin already pointed out one example of a long form piece posted on SB Nation's baseball hub yesterday and as it turns out we're apparently going to get the tools to do similar long form writing here at Swish Appeal too (and you know at least a couple of us are already No (Word) Limit Soldiers).

What do you think of bringing more long form writing to SB Nation? How are you liking the interface after Day 1?