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Update: Toledo Freshman Cat Wells' Suspension

As first reported by University of Toledo, freshman Cat Wells was suspended for violation of team rules. What many have wondered is why?

Cat Wells is a local product as she played at Toledo Notre Dame Academy, so what could have transpired for Toledo to suspend her indefinitely? Talking to multiple sources close to Wells say they aren’t surprised because of her attitude and insubordination.

Attempts to reach all parties involved were unsuccessful but one source who spoke on the condition of anonymity; they had a chance to hear Wells’ side and said that Wells felt disrespected.

Wells said, “I got suspended by the team, I got into with some teammates...Basically they are mad because I’m not that social with the team.” She also feels slighted and that she's being singled out.

The University of Toledo program declined to comment on this beyond what they released in Friday's statement.

"Our office released a statement from Coach Cullop on Friday and this will be the only comment she will make on this issue."