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Thursday NCAA Links: Reactions To Notre Dame's Move To The ACC

An example of the potential value of the forthcoming transition to SB Nation United is demonstrated when big news with national implications breaks, like yesterday's news about Notre Dame moving to the ACC.

You can probably get an idea of what this means to Notre Dame, the ACC, and the Big East from reading standard accounts of the move, but it's also always interesting to bring the voices of various fan bases around the sports world into conversation with one another. The following is a sampling of that response.

  • Brian Barbour of the SBN's Tar Heel Blog notes that in addition to the UND move, the ACC has raised its exit fee to $50 million in an effort to deter any members from, "...any perceived short term financial benefits a school might see in jumping to the Big 12 or SEC." Read more >>>
  • SBN's West Virginia site The Smoking Musket has a brief piece up about the Notre Dame move, writing that news of the ACC increasing its exit fee to $50 million, "...kills Big 12 expansion for the foreseeable future, as the most attractive targets were Florida State and either Clemson or Georgia Tech" and concludes that poaching the Big East further might be an alternative. Read more >>>
  • Wescott Eberts of SBN's Texas site Burnt Orange Nation writes that this decision shows that the Big 12 was really not that serious about expansion and the ACC is probably just a better fit for UND anyway. Read more >>>
  • SBN's Lacrosse blog College Crosse writes that Rutgers is the next candidate to leave the Big East, with both the ACC and Big Ten as potential destinations (Georgetown and Villanova are the two other programs mentioned). But that would leave the Big East with only five lacrosse playing members, which would endanger the future of that sport in the conference. Read more >>>
  • SBN's Georgetown blog Casual Hoya has a thorough breakdown of what changes in the Big East mean for Georgetown, including reasons for skepticism that the ACC will invite Georgetown to join the conference at all. In the meantime, losing Notre Dame is a blow to the depth of men's (and women's) basketball in the Big East. Read more >>>
  • Casual Hoya also wrote that Georgetown should definitely make the jump if invited and polled their readers about whether Georgetown should look to move from the Big East to the ACC and the response was a resounding "yes". Read more >>>
  • Mulholland also wrote a nice overview of what the move means for other ACC non-revenue sports, including women's lacrosse, women's soccer, and volleyball. Read more >>>
  • Sean Keeley of SBN's Syracuse blog Troy Nunes is an Absolute Magician took a brief look at the football implications of the move, including what Notre Dame agreeing to schedule five ACC games a season might mean for their remaining schedule. Read more >>>
  • Eric Murtaugh of SBN's Notre Dame blog One Foot Down has a brief primer going over the decision to move, describing why this is a "homerun move" by the institution, including academic and financial factors. Read more >>>
  • There was brief mention at Backing the Pack about the performance of coach Kellie Harper's performance there and there's a fan post up over there about their recent recruiting after the transfer of Erica Donovan left them with 11 players. However with plenty of spots open, the concern among N.C. State fans is that nobody is committing. Read more >>>

Obviously there has been a lot more written about this - and undoubtedly there will be more to come - so feel free to leave any more links you find interesting in the comments.