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As Seth Pollack wrote in SB Nation's official statement on Tim Allen's passing, we at Swish Appeal are all saddened by this news and offer our condolences to his friends, family, and colleagues.

I didn't actually know Tim Allen and unfortunately arrived in Las Vegas for NBA Summer League after he left but he was among the people I had hoped to meet. I was familiar with his work at SBN's Canis Hoopus because they have covered the Minnesota Lynx and were one of the only other sites in the network to cover the WNBA consistently over the last couple years (mostly since the Lindsay Whalen trade). His contributions as a credentialed blogger and those at Canis Hoopus in general were a welcome addition to the WNBA blogosphere.

Minnesota's City Pages has also put together a profile of Allen and Nathan Eide, another of our SBN colleagues, is raising funds in honor of Allen to support those struggling with depression. The SBN community, which I am proud to be a part of, will also be releasing more information about how we can all support Tim's family and the effort to support others with similar struggles.

As stated elsewhere, it's a reminder that there are bigger things than basketball going on in all of our lives that can render the sport we all love and pour so much into considerably less significant.