A Collection of Seattle Storm Links During Olympic Break

When a team has two of the most well known stars in the WNBA, it seems like all the links have been taken already, especially for the Storm, the team with the most rabid fanbase in the WNBA. Not to say that other teams' fans aren't good fans, but the Storm's fans create a storm nationwide, and I have seen it myself in the other side of the country.

However, it's Olympic break, and most players on the Storm aren't on an Olympic roster. Here are some links on what's been going on in Emerald City, aside from Olympic basketball, whether you're a Storm Crazy who is just too caught up with Olympic basketball, or are like me, another basketball fan who is just lurking at the team's pages.

Community Outreach Links Mostly From the Team

The rookies, Shekinna Stricklen and Alysha Clark took went down south to Salem, OR and were guests of the ONG Hoopla 3 on 3 tournament. (read here)

Svetty and Camille Little took part in the Green Apple Day of Service at a Seattle Middle School along with players from the Mariners, Seahawks, and Sounders (read here)

Katie Smith gave a motivational talk at a Salvation Army camp (read here | West Seattle Herald)

Another link for Svetty. She was involved with the Special Olympics handing out medals to golfers. (read here)

This break is a great time for camps and clinics. Storm players led a clinic at the Showare Shootout in Kent, Washington (read here)

The Storm has its own camps too. (read here)

Other Storm Goodies

Visit Downtown Seattle. Why? Because Sue said so! The only sore point of the commercials is that Starbucks was prominently featured, and as you know, the CEO of Starbucks was partly responsible for the mess in the next section of links below. Then again, Starbucks is Seattle, but so are Microsoft and Costco! (Read and Watch Here) (Or here from the association itself)

This is for the fans. The team wanted fans to wear their swag anywhere, and the fans delivered so here's a facebook album of it. (Look here)

The Arena Issue

Regardless on your take on whether WNBA owners should ideally be made of smaller groups like Force 10 Hoops or a big group like Monumental Sports & Entertainment, the Storm is owned by its current owners because of the Oklahoma City Thunder situation. Well, looks like Emerald City is trying to make efforts for a new arena to bring back an NBA team as you know and it gets fans anxious yet again. Can the franchise continue to succeed even if it moves into a new arena (definitely likely to me at least), and could it possibly be part of a Monumental Sports-like ownership group that would also own the Sonics and/or a new Seattle NHL team? If so, would the Storm still perform well like it did in the Schultz and Bennett eras, or will it suffer like the Mystics did after Lincoln Holdings got the rest of the Wizards franchise and became Monumental Sports? Sure, ownership didn't answer all these questions in detail (no one is going to do that), but here's a letter from team CEO Karen Bryant who fully supports an NBA team and a prosperous future for Storm basketball. (read here)

Arena negotiations have been ongoing between Chris Hansen, the investor who will build the arena, and Seattle. While traffic is obviously a contentious point in arena negotiations, the Storm is a considerable factor too. The Washington Post (via the AP) has a link on that. (read here)

Other Links That Aren't Olympic Basketball Related

On August 1, the Storm returned to practice. (Seattle Times)

Here is a local Storm mid-season recap from The Herald, based in Everett, WA. (read here)

Olympic related, I know I know. But it's not an Olympic basketball link. Lauren Jackson was the flagbearer for Australia in the opening ceremonies for the Olympics. (Seattle Times)

This may have been on the twitter, but Sue Bird has been in Seattle for a long time, and in her word, the team's commitment to her "represents loyalty." Take that Dwight Howard! (read here at via the AP)

As you all know by now, Sue didn't play at Verizon Center for the Team USA game because her stepfather Dennis Burden, passed away after suffering a heart attack. He was a school AD in Great Neck, NY, per his obituary . Here is an op-ed on The Day newspaper based in New London, CT by Mike DiMauro where he reminisces how big of a UConn fan Burden and Sue's mother Nancy were when Bird played in college on with the "TASS Force". (read here)

So... that's it.

I think it's a good selection of links throughout what's happening with Seattle's pro basketball team, though it is not exhaustive by any means. Have more links? Put 'em in below.