A Collection of Tulsa Shock Links During Olympic Break

Here are some links for the Tulsa Shock during the Olympic Break. Links regarding Liz Cambage's Olympic dunk will be kept to a minimum.

Links From The Team About The Team

We start off with the owner, Steve Swetoha and his periodic mailbag Q&A's which are on the team site. Swetoha is pleased with the young core's chemistry and yes, Cambage will be with the team after the Olympics, at least that's what he says. But Swetoha is also saying that the Shock is still trying to make the playoffs? (Read here)

Unlike NBA players who leave at the first opportunity and understandably so, most WNBA players are college graduates. Glory Johnson graduated from college in three years as a matter of fact and completed most of her credit hours during her fourth year of NCAA eligibility at Tennessee She kicked off her Olympic break by defending her master's thesis, which was on her coach's last season (Read here)

Kayla Pedersen attempts the cookie challenge. It was released before the break, but I don't care. For your viewing pleasure. (Watch on YouTube)

Shock players were celebrity waitresses at the Blue Rose Cafe in Tulsa. All tips they earned went toward the Child Abuse Network. (Pics here)

Outside Links

Temeka Johnson blogs for The Times-Picayune. Here's her most recent entry when she visited Coach Summitt while traveling with Glory Johnson. (Read here)

Coach Klop did an interview with and gave his thoughts on the season. Old link, it may have been here already, but if you missed it, read it here becuase it is good stuff. (Read here)

Another old link from July 16, the day of the USA/Brazil doubleheader. This is from the Tulsa World, which says that though the Shock is improving, it must get a superstar in order to seriously contend, possibly through the draft next year. I agree, but is the Shock more desperate for a superstar than the Mystics? (Read here)

Well, in Melbourne, Australia's Herald Sun, the Shock already has a superstar, named Elizabeth Cambage. (Read here)

Madeline Manning Mims, an Olympic gold medal-winning sprinter from the 1968 Olympics in Mexico City is the Tulsa Shock's team chaplain. In addition to her past Olympic experiences as an athlete, she has been the US Olympic Team's chaplain for every Olympiad since the 1988 Olympics in Seoul, South Korea, back when "Hand In Hand" was not that corny of a song. Great article from the Tulsa World, and yes, it's a month old too. (Read here)

That's it

Got more links on the Shock? Did I overlook something pretty big? Post 'em.