A Collection of Indiana Fever Links During Olympic Break

Here are some links for the Fever during Olympic Break, minus Tamika Catchings winning gold.

Links from the Team

Here are a collection of videos from

1. Like other teams' non-Olympians, the Fever is practicing hard as the season resumes later this week. (Watch here)

2. Here is a video so you can get to know players better (Briann January | Katie Douglas)

3. The team hosted a bowling tournament recently (watch here)

4. The Pacers and Fever hosted a basketball camp for boys and girls (watch here)

5. Team COO Kelly Krauskopf reflects on her time with the team (read here)

Erlana Larkins talks about how she clawed back into a WNBA roster (read here)

Outside links

Here is the Daily Reporter's take on the recent Fever bowling tourney, and there's a nice photo gallery too. (Read here)

And the Indy Star's take on the team's midseason point. (Read Here)

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