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London 2012 Open Thread: Who Will Make The March To The Medal Stand?

Will Geno turn that frown upside down tonight in London? Even with a win, I bet the scowl stays put. (Credit: Andrew Weber-USA TODAY Sports)
Will Geno turn that frown upside down tonight in London? Even with a win, I bet the scowl stays put. (Credit: Andrew Weber-USA TODAY Sports)

Come one, come all - join in with your observations from today's games in the comments below!

Today's games are for all the hardware, now it's just deciding which of the four will be left watching the others receive their round shiny objects. Up first in the action is the battle for bronze, to be followed by a new medal winner going against the old pros.

Bronze medal game - Australia vs. Russia

12 p.m. ET/5 p.m. London

Nate breaks down Australia's semifinal with the U.S.

In the last six meetings between the teams, Australia was the victor. But their game in the 2012 Olympics has shown the two to be very closely pitted, with the Aussies nabbing a 70-66 win in pool play.

For Russia, the bronze medal match has been their final destination for the last two Olympics. But the Opals have to be disappointed that their loss to France in pool play put them in the position of facing the U.S. in the semis rather than the finals and dashing their dreams at Olympic gold, or even at a four-peat of Olympic silver. However their quest for five medals in a row is still on the table, even if it's not the color that these women - many of whom stayed home for the first half of the WNBA season - wanted to leave London with.

Gold medal game - United States vs. France

4 p.m. ET/9 p.m. London

Nate's game preview

The favorites are in position to do what everyone expects them to do after overcoming a first-half deficit in the semis to race into the finals. The U.S. - as everyone well knows - is going for their fifth consecutive gold and eighth overall. Five in a row in the Olympics isn't a feat that is easily accomplished. The last time this happened on the men's side was 1968, when the U.S. earned their seventh in a row. Since then, the guys have only mustered three in a row at any time, and if they win the gold this year it will just be their second consecutive.

France has something many can't claim against the U.S. women in international competition - a win. But it was in 1971. While France hasn't necessarily claimed dominance on the Olympic stage in year's past, they earned their right to the finals after finishing the competition to this point without a loss. One thing is certain, the French will earn their first medal in women's basketball, as the only other time they were in the Games they finished fifth (in 2000).