A Collection of Minnesota Lynx (pun intended) During Olympic Break

The Silver Stars have the hottest winning streak heading into the break, but the Lynx have the best record after their record start to this season, and I still think that the Lynx have the best chances to win the championship this season to be honest with you.

Four players from Glen Taylor's basketball empire, including Kevin Love from the Wolves are part of Team USA Basketball, making him the happiest basketball owner in the NBA family, aside from Jerry Buss, for obvious reasons today. But this isn't about Seimone, Lindsay, or Maya on Team USA even with the Gold Medal match tomorrow against France. What is up in Minneapolis with the WNBA team as of late? Let's see.

Links from the Team

Players reflect on the first half of the season. (read here)

Here's the most recent Practice Report from the team. They have been posting regular updates throughout the break as a matter of fact. (August 6 Practice Report) (Practice Report Archive)

The Lynx profiles their assistant coaches, Jim Petersen and Shelley Patterson. (read more on Coach Petersen | read more on Shelley Patterson)

There are more people involved in basketball operations than just coaches. Here is a piece on Chuck Barta and Keith Uzpen who are the Lynx's athletic trainers. (read here)

The Lynx hosted a camp for area kids last week. (watch video here)

Lynx players talk about their connections and appreciation for the US Armed Forces (read here)

Taj McWilliams-Franklin is married to Reginald Franklin who serves our country, and she talks more about her appreciation for our military. (read here)

Another link on Taj and her kids. (read here)

Links From Outside The Team

There were many outside links on the Lynx, but with Seimone, Lindsay, and Maya on Team USA, nearly all centered around the Olympics.

Tim Allen, the lead blogger of Canis Hoopus, the Wolves' SB Nation blog passed away earlier this week, and was known for writing more about the Lynx than other SB Nation NBA team blogs. His service was yesterday. (Canis Hoopus | Obituary | Nate's take)

Old link, but a summary of what Coach Reeve wanted her players to work on. (From the Star Tribune)

Seimone Augustus had a segment on ESPN's Outside the Lines recently, where she talked in depth about her relationship with Tay Varner. (watch here)

Coach Lacey likes using unconventional ways to build team chemistry in DC. Well, Minny does some unconventional things too. (read this ESPN article here)

A little bit too Olympic-y, but Maya Moore wants to be like Tamika Catchings. I actually see a lot of good comparisons between the two and I think Maya could be even better than Meek. (From the Star Tribune)

Candice Wiggins hosted a girls hoops camp during break in New Haven, Michigan (from

A three month old Canada Lynx kitten was on exhibit at the Minnesota Zoo in nearby Apple Valley, MN. Okay, that's not really a team link, but he could be the future official mascot, right? (Read Here)

Bonus Picture

When I was looking at the team's official page, something just didn't look right. Caps ad on a Minny team page? Really? I guess some type of analytical software within the NBA's IT department knows I'm from DC, knows I read a lot of Caps links, and therefore sticks a Caps ad there.


(screenshot of

That's it.

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