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London 2012 Women's Basketball Schedule: USA vs. Angola At 5:15 EDT

The U.S. women's basketball team is back in action in London today at 5:15 p.m. EDT against Angola, the final game of the day.

As described in the preview (via the AP), the U.S. isn't expected to have much trouble against Angola but are still looking to improve offensively after struggling to break away from Croatia through three quarters in their opener. As reported by Doug Feinberg, the U.S. will be without center Sylvia Fowles today who only played 10 minutes in their opener after starting part of their exhibition series.

Jessica Lantz posted a brief capsule of Angola prior to the Olympics, which you can click here to see. Full schedule and previous results for today are after the jump.

Olympic women's basketball results for July 30, 2012

China 58 @ Croatia 83

Turkey 61 @ Czech Republic 57

Austrailia 70 @ France 74 (OT)

Brazil 59 @ Russia 69

Canada 73 @ Great Britain 65

USA @ Angola 5:15 PM ET

You can get full recaps and replays for today's games at NBC's basketball hub.

Jessica Lantz also posted brief summaries of the first few games after the first day of games here.

You can attempt to watch live online at, where they'll be broadcasting everything live and without delay. You can find local TV listings for the Olympics here, too. NBC also has a variety of mobile options, including two Olympics mobile apps for both Apple and Android devices.

Along with NBC's coverage, London 2012 has a few phone apps for you to use as well with a join in app for those in London, a results app and even a mobile game.

As with Day 1, feel free to leave your comments in the thread below whenever you actually get a chance to watch.