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Pink Whistle: Summer action continues in Jersey City

JERSEY CITY, NJ – The weekly round up from games officiated in the Jersey City Girls League at Dickinson this past week. Two teams really impressed. One put it together and another struggled quite a bit. In fact, in near record proportion.

Monday July 16:

Curtis 82, Newark AAU 31

Curtis got out and ran away from the AAU team from Newark. The score was 45-9 at the half. Curtis’ transition was outstanding and, if the break was stopped, the ball movement and three point shooting took over. Ninety seconds into the game the victors had a 9-0 lead. The tone was aggressively set.

Lincoln 41, North Bergen 20

Lincoln had too much size and penetration for North Bergen. The North Bergen coach Dan Riordan was fielding a team of mostly last year’s freshmen and JV squad. No excuse. Ever the teacher, Riordan used the opportunity to instruct his kids. Defending Hudson County champion Lincoln led 25-7 at the half en route to a significant triumph.

Tuesday July 17:

During our games workers are putting primer on the concrete in the stands. The fumes from the chemicals are quite prominent. We are battling affixation by game two. Couldn’t this project have waited until a time when the gym was not occupied? Only in Jersey City.

St. Dominic’s 25, St. Anthony’s 17

St. Dom’s put together probably their best effort to date. They enjoyed an 11-3 lead at intermission and never relinquished the lead over the final twenty minutes. St. Anthony’s relied on the inside while the Blue Devils were perimeter oriented. After one time out a St.Anthony's player said to her teammate, "all they (St.Dominic's) does is shoot from the outside." Valid point but they were successful at it. Good ball movement led to some good looks. The key to St. Dominic’s victorious outside attack.

Bayonne 44, Ferris 4

Not a misprint. Ferris managed but four points and Bayonne, to its credit, basically showed little full court pressure after grabbing a quick early lead. Very little to say in the way of breaking this one down. Bayonne led 31-2 at the half. Ferris simply, was completely overmatched.

Final note: Last time out we discussed (player) No. 2 of Curtis who, in their win over Bayonne, constantly ‘critiqued’ the officials and received a warning instead of technical. Gave the article recounting No. 2's 'exploits', to her coach before the game. Post game I asked the coach if she read the about my verbal exchange (warning) with No. 2.

"I did," the coach said without a complaint or negative comment. To which I added, "Your number two was like a saint today. Not a word or gesture after one of our calls. Plus she was outstanding on the court."

The coach was appreciative of my remarks. Once again, sometimes a little reasoning goes a lot farther than a ‘T’.