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Pink Whistle: Summer league action in Jersey City

JERSEY CITY, NJ - The Jersey City High School Girls Summer League is run at Dickinson High School.

Monday through Friday there are four games a night. The format calls for two twenty minute halves of running clock with stoppage on whistles the last two minutes of each half. The result sees games move smoothly and the schedule follows to the hour.

Dickinson has central air conditioning in the gym which is a plus. Ironically, during regular season the heat is low during high school 4 o'clock games so in Winter we work in a rather chilly environment as well. Cool in the Summer is definitely more appreciated.

First night, work with a second year man, Brian. Have officiated for him when he coached Freshmen at St. Peter's Prep a few seasons ago. He does a nice job and I really liked his judgment in one situation. A girl went up for a shot, saw a defender and came down. Walk. Following the call she slammed the ball down. Liked Brian not giving her a T because the slamming of the ball was over her own frustration, not the call.

Tommy Best, coach of defending Hudson County champions Lincoln does a lot of the organizing for the circuit. On the scorer's table was a familiar face. Kristal Edwards, a formerly of Lincoln now playing for St. Peter's College. During time outs we frequently discuss the MAAC and college ball in general.

June 26

Bayonne 43, St. Dominic's 19

The runners-up in Hudson County this past Winter, Bayonne had too much talent and balance in this matchup. St. Dom's had a point guard with some size and talent. Unfortunately for her club, she was concerned with constantly driving the lane and hoisting (too many) out of control shots.

Post game I am in the hallway sipping some Powerade when the St. Dom's point tells her coach, "My shoulder is really sore." Hmmn' could it be the 25 (conservative number) shots she sent airborne ?

Newark Tech 26, Ferris 16

The first twenty minutes Ferris scored four total points. They trailed only 7-4 at the half. The first thirty seconds of the second half Ferris matches their first half output to take an 8-7 lead. Tech regroups then goes on to dominate the final half. The Tech point guard did a nice job the final half penetrating and distributing.

June 28

North Bergen 29, St. Anthony's 18

After working two at Hamilton Park, league coordinator Pat Devaney tells me they need someone at Dickinson. On the road I head out for the roughly one mile trip. Get to Dickinson and there are about 12 minutes left with North Bergen leading 24-14. Partner Andre is going solo and glad to have an officiating partner on the floor. This is the St. Anthony's of boy's national class Fame. The girls have had a traditionally strong program but it appears this group is young. They need work and it is evident as North Bergen is never seriously threatened.

St. Dominic's 37, Ferris 27

The point guard from the other night is not here. In fact St. Dom's has only five players. They do a better job of sharing the ball, spreading the floor and knocking down an occasional three pointer. Ferris is better offensively than the other evening but never really poses a serious challenge in this contest.

A few St. Dom's players recognize me from doing one of their JV games this past season. Told them the game was written up on this site to which they reply, "that's totally cool" Guess it is.