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Boost Mobile To Launch New WNBA Ad During Saturday's Lynx Vs. Sky Game On ESPN

Karl Greenberg of Media Post News reported today that Boost Mobile will be launching a new television commercial for the WNBA during tomorrow's game between the Chicago Sky and Minnesota Lynx on ESPN at 12:30 p.m. EDT.

As most WNBA fans are well aware, Boost Mobile is currently the WNBA's most prominent partner while the WNBA is Boost Mobile's first ever partner.

From a release about the campaign, the ad will air nationally during games televised on ESPN and ESPN2. The ads will also "be updated in the upcoming weeks with additional WNBA game footage."

The short description of the ad from YouTube is as follows, which some might choose to take as an example of Black Rob's enduring influence on popular culture:

It's all about the WHOA. It's all about the WHAT!?!? It's all about the WE. It's all about the W. Boost Mobile, proud to make the WNBA heard.

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