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Father's Day Open Thread: Three WNBA Games & The NBA Finals

Note: Thanks to thewiz06 for preparing today's game thread, which we have re-posted here. We have locked the comments in the original thread and would appreciate it if you comment here.

Happy Fathers' Day, and welcome to today's set of games.

Four basketball games. Three in the WNBA, and Game Three of the NBA Finals. Games start at 3 PM ET/12 PT PT and the last game will be at 9 PM ET/6 PM PT All WNBA games are on LiveAccess unless I note otherwise.

Game 1. Connecticut Sun (7-2) at Atlanta Dream (4-5), 3 PM ET/12 PM PT

On Friday, we saw both of these teams blow out their opponents. A week ago, the Dream got blown out by the Sun 92-73 at the Casino. However the series now comes to Atlanta, where the Dream has won 7 straight against the Sun including playoff games.

Angel McCoughtry was benched on Friday's game but had a hell of a performance. Whether or not it was because of team rules violations or not, maybe having her come out from the bench may not be a bad thing. The best lineup isn't the starting lineup, it's the finishing lineup.

Considering how big of a blowout the Sun-Liberty game was last Friday, Tina Charles only played 24 minutes, but still scored 20 points, grabbed 8 boards, dished 2 dimes, and swatted 2 shots. Not bad for 24 minutes of work. Hopefully we can see her play more minutes today in a more competitive game.

If you're in the Atlanta area, tune into SPSO to watch this game.

Game 2. Phoenix Mercury (2-6) at Tulsa Shock (0-9), 4 PM ET/3 PM CT and Local Time/1 PM PT | Shock Preview

If Trudi Lacey can say why the Mystics are better than the Mercury and Storm, it's because the Mystics only beat the Shock once, while the Mercury and Storm got both of their wins from the Shock. Maybe I'm giving the Shock too much credit for their play because five of their losses were by the two-win club trio of the Mystics, Mercury, and Storm.

If you think the Shock's start is bad, the Black and Yellow must lose another four to match the franchise's worst record of 0-13 back in 2002.

Like most of this season, don't expect Diana Taurasi to play today and I wouldn't expect her to play until the Olympic Break is over. If you are in Tulsa, dads can watch the game for free, and there will be a contest for a grill.

Game 3. Oklahoma City Thunder at Miami Heat in Game 3 of the NBA Finals, 8 PM ET/7 PM OKC and CT/5 PM PT

(Series is Tied 1-1) | Thunder Preview | Heat Coach Erik Spoelstra at Practice

Unless you live in Miami or Seattle, the Oklahoma City Thunder is America's basketball team with a homegrown Big Three featuring swingman Kevin Durant, and guards Russell Westbrook, and James Harden, the latter who sports America's favorite beard. As for Miami, we all know that this team was built to be evil from the night LeBron said "not six, not seven."

In the first two games, the Thunder came back from early deficits that were well in the double digits. Fortunately in the electric atmosphere of the Chesapeake Energy Arena, the Thunder fans may have certainly played a factor in helping OKC come back to win game 1, and almost win game 2 this past Thursday. The Thunder can't afford to have sluggish starts for the next three games because the Heat fans in American Airlines Arena are almost sure to be just as energetic for the Heat like the Thunder fans were in OKC. In addition, it is certainly possible that Miami really has been on the upper hand of this series, which I personally believe as well, even though I'm rooting for OKC.

In short, this Finals is perfect. The stars from both teams are playing at a very high level. KD, Westbrook, and Harden are all on fire for OKC, and Durant's fourth quarter scoring has been very spectacular to say the least. For Miami, LeBron, Dwyane, and Chris are still more than holding than their own, and LeBron in particular has now shed pretty much any lingering thoughts that he can't deliver at the end of games. Yes, I gave him credit. The ex factor player in this series I believe has been Heat forward Shane Battier, who has scored 17 points each in the first two games of the Finals and has drained nine three point shots.

If you love a great basketball match with two great teams, featuring a great story line of Good (OKC) vs. Evil (Miami), watch this game. Like it is with most movies, the good guys are the underdogs now too because the Heat have homecourt advantage as the next three games are in Miami now.

To watch this game, turn on ABC. The game is also available on ESPN3 if you are abroad.

Game 4. Minnesota Lynx (10-0) vs. Seattle Storm (2-7), 9 PM ET/6 PM PT | Lynx Preview | Storm Preview

If you're one of those disaffected Sonics fans and just don't want to root for "Evil Clay Bennett" who stole your team, nor root for "Evil LeBron" because he's evil, well, you still can get your basketball fix by watching the Seattle Storm.

This is the third matchup of four between Sue's Crew and the Whalenites, with the Storm getting pounced on badly in both matches. This time, the matchup is in KeyArena and home to the WNBA's most rabid fanbase. Sorry Lynx fans.

I personally don't think this game will be that competitive though, given that I had to call myself out for false advertising last game.....

Given that the Finals are on at the same time as this game, I wonder how many dads want to show up tonight assuming they're rooting for the Heat. But then again, there may be quite a few dads who are disaffected Sonics fans and don't want to root for either team.

Other Major Sports in Primetime

The US Open is on this afternoon on NBC as well as Jim Furyk and Graeme McDowell currently lead after three rounds with a -1. Tiger Woods disappointed yesterday and now sits +4....

So, that's it folks.

Happy father's day, and let the old man hog the remote for once if you're with him today.

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