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Thursday Night Open Thread: The Minnesota Lynx Host The L.A. Sparks At 8 EDT

Who: Minnesota Lynx vs. Los Angeles Sparks

When: 8 p.m. EDT on WNBA LiveAccess

Where: Target Center - Minneapolis, MN

What: The first meeting between two teams that have started off 2-0 and look to be the class of the Western Conference early-on. Neither team is really where they want to be, but the Sparks' defensive intensity is much-improved since last season. If there is one early-season game that should persuade you to suck it up and pay the $5 for LiveAccess, this one might be it.

Previews: preview scouting report

Shootaround Access: Lynx vs. Sparks

Jayda Evan's preview (in which she points out that this one should be televised)

Augustoviz: Is Parker returning to 2008 MVP form? If so, LA could be force

Can the Lynx be even better in 2012?

Feel free to add your additional insights, links, and prognostications in the comments and follow along during the game itself.