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Roll Call: A Quest To Smash The 90-9-1 Lurker Rule To Smithereens At Swish Appeal

It's been said that there is a "90-9-1" rule that is loosely followed on the internet. In that scenario, 1% of the people online are actually creating content. 9% are editing said content, and 90% (yes, 90%!!) are lurking. That must mean our community here at Swish Appeal is in the gazillions and I personally would like to hear from all gazillion of you!

Lurker = "someone waiting in concealment"

Why the heck would you have the desire to stay concealed? That's no fun for us and it makes it awfully difficult to build an active, intelligent and inspired by basketball community without ... well ... community members. So, to the 90% - it's time. Stop playing hide and seek and let us know you're here!

Here's your call to action:

  • Post something - anything!
    No, really. Anything! (Well, as long as it's women's basketball related in some form or fashion, please and thanks.)
  • That could be in the form of a comment on this very post.
    A simple, "Hi! I heart [insert favorite team/player/basketball memory/etc here]," will do just fine! Or show up your fellow posters and give us a limerick or something - I'm waiting to see your creative juices flow ...
  • Or maybe you want to join us for a WNBA open thread.
    We try to engage with the community as much as possible throughout every season of basketball, whether it be it prep, college, pro or international. You'll see "Open Threads" pop up frequently, and particularly when there are nationally televised contests to watch. Chat about the game in real time with other people who are watching across the nation and world.
  • Or perhaps you want to cheer and jeer your favorite team after some postgame analysis hits the site.
    Our team of writers will cover games both live and from in front of a tv or computer. You'll see stats and analysis along with game stories and recaps hit the site on various games and events throughout the year. Kvetch with us! Do you agree? Disagree? Let us know!
  • Or just maybe you want to turn into a 1% er (talking about the internet here, people!) and become a CREATOR.
    There are ways. LOTS of ways. (See below)

SB Nation makes that possible through nifty features called FanShots (for your favorite link, quote, image, video, list, or chat) and FanPosts (generally longer and more in depth original content that you want to share to start a discussion or let your voice be heard). Look to the right side of the page and you can see what other community members are contributing to Swish Appeal. ------->>

Some of our fellow bloggers at Field Gulls put together a quick tutorial on how to use some of the SBN community features and it is worth a look if you're still hesitating on the ins and outs of posting. But long story longer, it all boils down to this - we want to get to know who you are, why you read and what we can do to support your basketball jonesing even better.

Time to move out of the 90% today! But please, you are welcome to "Occupy Swish Appeal" as long as you'd like!