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Final 2012 Opening Day WNBA Rosters By Playing Style

A number of WNBA teams finalized their rosters yesterday and with that we updated our previous training camp rosters to the best of our ability last night.

The following are links to updated rosters for each team by playing style.

2012 Eastern Conference WNBA rosters (as of midnight PST May 18, 2012)

2012 Western Conference WNBA rosters (as of 7:30 p.m. PST May 17, 2012)

The links have now been updated to indicate players who:

  • are still on the roster,
  • have been cut,
  • are expected to miss the season due to injury,
  • are affected by the Olympics, either missing the season or returning after the Olympic break.

The official deadline to reduce rosters to 11 players is today at 2 p.m. EDT, which gives those teams that have yet to announce their final roster a few more hours to get that done.

Were there any cuts that surprised you? Or any players that made a roster you didn't expect? Feel free to leave your thoughts or updates on the rosters in the comments.