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Kevin Borseth Goes Back to Wisconsin-Green Bay, Leaves Michigan

In a unique twist, Kevin Borseth has decided to step down as Michigan’s coach and return back to the school he left for the Wolverines, Wisconsin-Green Bay.

During this time of the year, most coaches are looking to move to a higher program but in Borseth’s case, he was looking for comfort and happiness. To step down from a BCS school to go back to a mid-major school is rare, stunning and laudable.

What’s even more ironic about this move, it seemed like Borseth had finally turned the corner as he led Michigan to the NCAA tournament this year for the first time in his tenure: Michigan had their best season this year under Borseth as they went, 20-12. Borseth went 77-73 overall in his five years at Michigan and 38-48 in the Big Ten.

"We appreciate all that Kevin has done for the Michigan women’s basketball program over the past five years," said Michigan athletics director Dave Brandon.

"And we wish the Borseth family the best of everything as they move back home to Green Bay."

In Borseth’s case, it looks like the grass wasn’t "Greener" on the other side.