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SBN Links: Celebrating Baylor's Perfect Season

Well, the college basketball season is over and the Baylor Lady Bears won the title as many expected.

A few reactions from around SB Nation, plus a couple of other tidbits from the day.

  • Mark C. Moore of Our Daily Bears made a few celebratory posts about the Baylor Lady Bears' 40-0 season, noting what a milestone year it was for the athletics department as a whole: 80 wins for the football, men's and women's programs is a single-season NCAA Division I record. Read more >>>
  • SB Nation Dallas' storystream kept track of Baylor's entire tournament run, including a summary of last night's game, star center Brittney Griner repeating that she'll be staying in school, and Heisman Trophy winner Robert Griffin III celebrating with the Lady Bears. Read more >>>