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The Undrafted

When you look over the list(s) of players we've been reviewing over the past week or so - and the number of international players drafted - there weren't a whole lot of undrafted prospects who were major snubs, but perhaps a few who could be worthy of a look in training camp.

  • Jasmine Lee, F, Memphis Tigers

    There were definite concerns about her prior to the draft despite decent numbers, but 6'2" power players generally need to have outstanding numbers to get drafted.
  • Adaora Elonu, F, Texas A&M

    You have to love her energy and the way she just constantly seems to be in the right place at the right time, but 6'1" power forwards with average numbers for a prospect don't normally fare all that well either on draft day.
  • Natalie Day, G/F, Portland; Justine Raterman, G/F, Dayton/Brittany Rayburn, G, Purdue

    If there's one role that has really suffered in the WNBA Draft since the rosters were reduced, it's the spot up shooter. Both Day and Raterman are more versatile than that, but shooting was probably their most transferable WNBA skill. All have good size for their position, but apparently that wasn't enough.
  • Kristina Santiago, F, Cal Poly

    She might be as skilled as any of the forwards drafted, but, again, she's 6'1" or 6'2" and was not a particularly outstanding offensive rebounder in college.
  • Tavelyn James, G, Eastern Michigan

    There were earlier mock drafts that had James going in the first round. Regardless of whether you think that's accurate, she's a talented scorer but at 5'7" there might be questions about how much of her scoring ability would transfer to the pro level.
  • Laura Broomfield, F, North Carolina

    Broomfield is a relentless rebounder, but was a 6'1" power player who wasn't a very efficient scorer. It will be interesting to see if someone looking for board help brings her into camp.
  • Cierra Bravard, F/C, Florida State; Lykendra Johnson, F, Michigan State

    Two players we have on our preseason list who didn't get drafted. Both had reasonably strong junior seasons, which got them on that list, but also had legitimate red flags in their senior seasons. We already covered Bravard here and Johnson is yet another 6'1" forward with marginal numbers for a prospect.
  • Brittany Carter, G, Memphis

    Carter is a smooth and highly athletic scoring guard and perhaps that will persuade someone to give her a look in training camp.
  • Ashley Corral, G, USC

    Corral has been an exciting player to watch at USC, but her numbers didn't make her stand out as a point guard or shooting guard prospect. It will be interesting to see if she gets a look in the WNBA and, if so, what situation she'll find herself in during training camp.

Which undrafted players stand out to you most?

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