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Open Thread: 2012 WNBA Draft, 2 p.m. ET - ESPN2

Courtesy of the WNBA.
Courtesy of the WNBA.

The 2012 WNBA Draft is live from the ESPN Studios in Bristol, Connecticut. We will work to bring you up-to-date coverage of the picks and instant analysis throughout the day to keep you informed of who your favorite team just added to their arsenal.

The first round of the draft will be broadcast on ESPN 2, with the subsequent 2nd and 3rd rounds televised on ESPN U/NBA TV. The entirety of both broadcasts will be simulcast online at ESPN3 as well.

To refresh your memory, here is what the first round draft board looks like (last year's record in parenthesis):

We've been hard at work in the days and weeks leading up to the draft to bring you some of our thoughts on this year's draft prospects and how they'll be able to integrate their skills into a team on the next level:

Centers || Scoring power forwards || Rebounding power forwards || Perimeter scorers || Wings || Combo guards || Point Guards

See how the actual first round picks stack up with Nate's Mock Draft 2.0

Follow the twitter handles of 8 of the 15 girls invited to the draft

For even more coverage of the 2012 WNBA Draft visit our "WNBA Draft 2012" section.

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