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Morning Links: A Closer Look At NCAA Investigations At Baylor, Eastern Michigan

Even though the NCAA tournament is over, there's a lot of basketball to write about with the 2012 WNBA Draft approaching on April 16.

However, we take a brief break from draft talk to take stock of some other more unfortunate news making headlines: NCAA violations at Baylor and Eastern Michigan.

  • Geeves of Hustle Belt dug a bit deeper into Eastern Michigan's violations that were committed by recently-resigned women's basketball coach AnnMarie Gilbert. He offers an excellent summary of the full report of the violations and EMU's self-imposed sanctions and wonders if she deserves to coach again given that likely knowingly broke rules and persuaded players to lie about at least one incident. Read more >>>
  • SB Nation Dallas has a storystream up to follow Baylor's violations, which Jessica Lantz described yesterday from the women's basketball perspective. The self-imposed damage to the women's program appears to be two women's basketball scholarship, but as documented at SBN Dallas, it would appear the men's program might face some bigger problems down the line. Read more >>>